Since May 2012, the Michaela Helfrich Gallery has been located in the Herfurthstr. 29 in Berlin-Neukölln. Formerly situated in old Kindl-Brauerei in Neukölln, the new address offers an exceptional setting for exhibitions. Our intimate venue is located right in the middle of the lively Schillerkiez district, on the way to the former Tempelhof airport. It invites the viewer to spend time in a friendly and serene atmosphere, in a previously unusual gallery location.
As a central starting point for art and culture, our gallery introduces the artists in various individual and group exhibitions, focusing on painting and sculpture. The complex and expressive world of contemporary art is underscored with singular performances and spectacular events.

The Artists

Oliver Dehn displays the varying faces of the human form in a selection of his works. They lead the viewer through a variety of genres and landscapes, partially presented by an undefined and timeless space. The artist’s technique positions his protagonist in serene scenes that invite the viewer to linger and reflect. Other artists that clearly stand out thanks to their depiction of a combination of landscapes and contemporary urban spaces are Mi-ran Kim and Nanako Shikata. Through their individual cultural experiences, they use a variety of traditional techniques to seduce the viewer into participating in their artistic journeys. Christina Gay stands out through her use of powerful structures and intense colours. Her expressive works develop metaphorical scenes that remain open to interpretation both in form and content. Marcia Raquel Székely, who relies on geometric forms in her object art and paintings, experiments with various creative forms of expression. Using mixed media techniques, the artist underlines the forms of cubes and circles in their varying contexts. Ulrike Pisch impresses the viewer with her emotion-filled paintings, using intense colours that underline her love for travel.  She pays homage to various moments and movements in art history as well her own memories of exploring the world, mesmerizing the viewer with her wide spectrum of skills. Her expressive style can be found in all of her works, whether it be a portrait, nude or landscape scene.  The sculptor Stefan Seitz uses his humorous and reflective sculptures made from linden and poplar wood, merging the human and animal forms. Similarly, Susanne Schirdewahn develops her concepts and ideas through a series of complex and exciting collages. Gerard Waskievitz presents a uniquely striking imagery in his paintings. The individuality of his art is revealed through the portrayal of individuals and groups, transporting the viewer into a reflective state with occasionally socially critical overtones.  His characteristic style, a mixture of flowing and merging colours, catches the eye and emphasizes the messages hidden in his works. Through combining traditional oil painting techniques with a contemporary and personal character, Waskievitz masterfully explores the relationship between daily human existence and the past. Thomas Jüptner  showcases a broad spectrum of themes in his charming repertoire of small-format paintings. Ranging from erotic illustrations to simple portraits, his numerous depictions of women in various roles are defined by soft tones and forms. Through playing with light and form, he fascinates the viewer by creating something spectacular out of ordinary objects.  In his still lifes, the viewer is fascinated by painting techniques producing shadows and shine.

The gallery represents ten international painters from nationwide art academies and universities and sees itself as a meeting point for young, established artists. A focus point of the gallery is the development of the established dialogue between national and international artists. Future cooperation, the development of networks and various forms of temporary art projects give the gallery an innovative charm.
The gallery’s own popular exhibition series such as the “Neuköllner Hängung” and the “alltogetherartingup” take along guest artists and friends of the gallery during the yearly program. For art connoisseurs, collectors and art lovers, the gallery is a unique and individual place in the Berlin art scene.

The history of our gallery

The Michaela Helfrich Gallery, formerly CoachingCulture Gallery, opened its doors in November 2008 during the “Nachtundnebel” festival in Neukölln. With the use of the former atelier and exhibition spaces in tower of the old Kindl-Brauerei Neukölln the gallery showed its first individual exhibition of artist Gerard Wakievitz, “Aktuelle Werke nach 156 Stufen”.

With the later move to the former boiler room was the end of the end of the gallery’s journey through the brewery building, a dream finally came true: the name of the highlight exhibition in the summer of 2009 of the festival  48 Stunden Neukölln, “Der Geheime Garten, eine Ausstellung an einem besonderen Ort“ was now public and quickly became an art label.  The gallery was housed in the Kindl-Brauerei in this unique space until November 2011.

With the move to the in Herrfurthstr. 29 the gallery promises to continue existing as an incredible, unique and catalyzing art space for Neukölln.


I look forward to welcoming you in our gallery!

Michaela Helfrich 

(german version)